Ask yourself why?

Why is it not lying around anywhere and on a visible surface, however, it is only in specific locations and deep inside the ground? This further proves that success is DELIBERATE not by CHANCE, if you want a piece of the pie (success), work it out.

We are in a generation where people wish for things, many individuals go on social media and follow successful people only because they wish to achieve that feat. They are forgetting Isaac Newton’s law of motion that says “an object will continue at rest until they apply an external force to it”.

This is a very profound and proven law of physics which can apply to our daily lives. Your life will never change until you work hard. Develop the attitude of grinding, working the soil, planting a seed and expecting a harvest. Until you apply this force (working hard) your life will continue to be at rest (the level it is).

If valuable mineral resources were at an exposed surface for everyone to see, many would have possessed it, with nothing left before we were born. The need to work the ground will always be there. If you want the good of the land, the gold and wealth in the ground, I am saying to you today, get your shovel and start digging (working).