One of the most satisfying things to do in life is to be the trailblazer.


In every path to success, somebody had to create that path, cut the grass, remove obstacles and many more before it became a path that the universe can walk through freely and safely. There has to be that one person who will be a sacrificial lamb for the cleansing of the nation.

If you find yourself in a family that has never seen or experienced success, or no one has reached the level you want to attain. Or climb the mountains you want to climb. Then you have to conclude and make peace with yourself that you are the sacrificial lamb.

Many of us come from humble beginnings. We were not fortunate to grow in a family that has maids, guards, or gardeners. No connections, no friends in prominent places. We came from the darkest part of the world.


If you find yourself in this situation, I am sorry to break it to you; Be the sacrifice.


It cannot be under your watch that the next generation will start their journey where you started, then what is the purpose of your birth?

Automatically,  you now have the mandate to lead your parents, siblings, partner, unborn children. The entire upcoming generation is counting on you to do the right thing.

I want to beseech you not to let them down. You are the chosen one; Get up and create that much-needed path. Let someone wake up in a position of privilege someday and acknowledge you as the leading light.

You can not come into this world without leaving a mark. Living a mediocre life can not be a norm, especially for someone like you. When others are slacking, you can’t slack. Where others are resting, you can not afford to rest. When others are complacent, you can not be complacent. Because if you fail, you have failed everyone, including the coming generation.

Do not be like your predecessor and leave no inheritance for your children, and the generation after. The reason many families are still in agony and turmoil is that nobody will create the needed path. Nobody is ready to carry the cross. Nobody is ready to carry the burden of leadership.


Ask yourself if not you, then who?

Do not postpone the liberation date of your family further, the time is now to gear up and lead the revolution.