If you desire to be a very successful person then understand this, insanity is your new normal.

Right from history to date, nobody became successful by being normal or average. Especially if you are a leader.

Insanity is the key for a leader. If you are normal, you won’t be able to do the impossible. Be insane to do what will surprise the world. Your actions need to shock the world because people in their right mind do not go that far, do not go that deep. They do not do the extreme, do not take risks. They have to ask you, are you insane?

The world can’t see you coming, that is why you will be celebrated and idolised. Your opinion will matter because you have done not only what they thought you could never do but what nobody else has done. Because your journey is strange.

The entire world is always longing to experience something new, something different. They always require a new champion. However, it takes only a few individuals ready to be insane to attain that kind of success.

Remember, every person is driven by certain visions and dreams. Unfortunately, your dreams are only seen by you, we don’t see this enormous picture with you. It is exclusive to you; it is in your head. So during the beginning of your pursuit of happiness, you look mad to people, even sometimes to your followers. Do not be discouraged by that. It is easier to support a vision you now understand or have seen proof of its success. People will eventually support you only when your enormous picture is becoming a reality until then you are on your own.


We classify a random person mad because they see things we don’t see.

They talk in a certain language we don’t understand; they behave in a certain way normal people don’t. That makes them insane/mad. It is the same with you. If you want to be understood, pampered, applauded, then you are not ready for the unthinkable. Imagine when the first plane was built. The world was looking at them as a bunch of mad people. How can you create an object overcome by gravitational force for such a lengthy period, especially with the lives of fellow humans at stake?

When their aim, vision, dreams were achieved, only then did the universe honour them.  Until you reach the finish line your effort won’t count. Be ready to be insane and not appreciated temporarily, if you have any intention of achieving feats that no one in your family, neighbourhood, community, town, state or country has achieved.


Understand this, the journey of success is lonely at the beginning.

Even your loved one will perceive you as irrational and stubborn, it is not their fault, they can’t see what you see. That is why you have to accept to be seen as weird or insane. This journey isn’t for you if you want to be understood and spoon-fed. Accept being despised for now so we can celebrate you for the rest of your life.