The place you are digging determines the valuables you get?

If you are in Congo, you might get diamonds. In Nigeria, you will probably get crude oil. If you are in Johannesburg, you are likely to get gold. If you want tobacco, you might need to be in Zimbabwe.

Now if you want gold, position yourself where you are likely to get gold. Many are looking for high-valued resources at the wrong location.

Even though they are grinding/digging they have absolutely nothing to show for it, it’s not like you are easy working, it’s just that you are hard at work in the desert.


24 Hours a day

We have the same 24hours but accept that we do not have access to the same resources within that timeline. Therefore, it is highly impossible for us all to have the same result.

For this theory to be accurate we will all have to start our day at the same level, same journey, same resources. Then after 24hours, you can blame your colleagues for achieving fewer results than you because they had the same resources.

Which further proves that for better results you need to be at a strategic location to access a specific resource or grounds to dig to have the precious stones (success) you desire.

Never forget this, you can work hard at nothing, you can be busy digging a certain land looking for gold. Here you are sweating and exhausting your energy, yet in that land, there is no gold or any precious mineral resources.

Yes, you woke up early like everybody else, you are working hard, brainstorming, spending your money, depleting all your resources to achieve something that is not available at your location.

There is nothing wrong in starting at the wrong location, you are still better than those that didn’t start at all. At your current stage, you only have to propel your life in the right direction while they haven’t even started the engine.

What is significant is that immediately you detect that whatever you are looking for is not under the ground, do not stand there having regrets? Get ready to vacate where you are.

The problem is not that because we are lazy. It isn’t because we are weak. It isn’t because we are not intelligent. It is because we are looking for what we want at the wrong mine.


Am I at the right mine?

Ask yourself, am I at the right mine? Am I in the right field? Am I doing the right career? Is my course suitable for my personality? Am I naturally good at this? By the time you answer this question, sincerely you will have an idea if your positioning is supporting your dreams or you are wasting your time.

It is more beneficial to take a step back and start again in the right location, rather than to be draining limited resources at the wrong mine.

Time is ticking, you are not getting younger. Verify if you are positioned correctly for the acquisition of your heart desire, if not do not be ashamed to regroup and relaunch.