A problem discussed with the right person is half solved.

Reason being that you are obviously not the first to go through that difficulty or hardship. Therefore, discussing it with a person or two increases your chance of discovering the solution. However, there is a downside of it, a problem discussed with the wrong person can double the problem.

The unfortunate side of it is that, the longer a problem stays, the more the damage it leaves behind. Starting with a sleepless night, unhealthy eating which might lead to health issues such as malnutrition, then depression kicks in.


Think Solution

It is important that when you discover a problem, the first thing to think about is solutions. Find solutions immediately. There is no point thinking about how terrible your life is, or the magnitude of the problem. That isn’t the best way to approach things, talk to someone about it, seek help, seek advice swiftly.

There is an African adage that says when you see an old man on the road and you approach him for teaching you wisdom. Be aware at the back of your mind that he could have grown up being a madman. So being an old man doesn’t automatically qualify him for wisdom.

What I am saying is that because we have to solve our problem as soon as possible, doesn’t mean we must be reckless. Be careful who you ask for advice. It is very critical to your journey. Once in awhile in the journey of life, you will face one problem or the other and it is essential to get advice from people who have been there and done that.

If it is a career problem, then ask advice from people in your field. Ideally from someone ahead of you, more successful than you. So they will give you a head-up on so many bumpy roads you might face in your journey,

Another African adage says what an elder sees when seated, you as a juvenile can climb a skyscraper and not see this. What that means is that nothing beats experience. Asking advice from people ahead of you makes solving the problems easier and faster.



If it is a relationship problem, preferably ask people who are married longer than you and still married. They have seen things you haven’t seen, experience things you haven’t experienced. Set up an appointment, sit with them, let out your burden, strip yourself naked so you can get proper advice.

The mistakes people make are asking advice without narrating the problem the same way it is. Withholding critical information will only lead to getting advice that won’t work for you.

Imagine telling the doctor you are sick, he asks what is the problem; you say it is a headache while it is back pain. He can only prescribe based on the information given. The advice can only be as good as how accurately you narrate the problem.

The individual doesn’t even have to be an old person, someone can be younger than you in age but a legend regarding your line of difficulty. Humble yourself and ask for advice. It saves you a lot of trouble. Never forget that in life, it is better not to learn from your own experience, because it might be very costly.

You might not make it out alive or come out with many lifelong damaging scars. Therefore, seek advice, talk about your problems with the right people and see yourself live a more peaceful life.