In my previous blog post, I shared about having the attitude to dig (work) the ground to gain any kind of success, be it at work, relationship, fitness or any other achievement. As long as it is a success, then you must work for it.

I will talk about getting a shovel to dig out this success that you desire. First, you need to understand that the more sophisticated your digging equipment is, the faster you get to the gold (success) underground. Also, it determines the quantity you access.

Say, for instance, I have a small shovel, the result I will get compared with someone who possesses an excavator within a certain timeline will definitely be different.



Shovel is your kind of work, your career, your job, and your skill. Whatever you do for a living, that is your shovel. That is the tool you will use to dig out whatever it is you want out of life, be it cars, mansion, beautiful family, etc.

Many desire success but haven’t picked up a shovel, this is to remind you that the quicker you pick up a shovel the quicker you can start digging for what you desire, do not continue to sit on your couch expecting things to make itself happen. May I remind you that things don’t just happen, make it happen.

It is important to get an education; I am not only talking about going to school; I am talking about the acquisition of skills, reading of books, learning additional things, making enquiries, researching, etc. This is the only way to define the material you will make your shovel of.

Many people own weak shovels. Therefore, they can only dig out a few things, while some have huge strong shovels and they seem to get the bigger pieces of the precious stones.

Note that the more you gain skills, whether through self-learning, going to school or any other means. The more you are strengthening your mining equipment.

Some individuals are privileged that they have huge equipment, excavators etc, their mining equipment can dig in seconds what can take you days to dig.


Can I tell you something?

It is okay. They also didn’t start with this huge equipment. They or their forefathers started with a small shovel like you, and because you started with a small shovel doesn’t mean you should end with a small shovel. Keep learning, keep improving till you also get your own excavators and achieve lots of success.